Honest Burger

After reading lots of amazing reviews on Honest Burger, I did not think much when it came to picking  up a place for lunch last Saturday. We went to its Soho branch. On the arrival, our contact details were taken and we were supposed to get a text message once the table was ready. It took approximately an hour, which was the exact time that we were told when signing in on the waiting list. How clever is that!!! Definitely the biggest factor that differentiate Honest Burger from other burger places in London.




The design is very simple and casual but neat and smart at the same time. The Soho branch is very bright and spacious although it can host maybe around 40 customers. The staff is friendly, chatty but not too in your face.  So far so good!



I went for homemade lemonade and the honest burger. The lemonade was delicious! The burger was just ok… It comes with the chips on the side, which were a bit of disappointment.




Chips were really dry and hard (maybe it was just my portion, let me know if you don’t agree!). I left half of the portion. The burger was full of different flavors, and one flavor too many for me. The meat was cooked very well, it was fresh and juicy. The bun was top class as well. The problem was the caramelized onion which made my burger sweet and I definitely did not like it! Another problem was the sauce in the burger, it was runny and splitting all over my hands and my chips.




Unfortunately, I cannot agree on Honest Burger being ‘a burger cult destination’. On my ranking I put Honest Burger behind Patty&Bun and Shakeshack.

    • Rating: 4 out of 6
    • Price: £
    • Best for: dinner/lunch with friends
    • Website: Honest Burger

Honest Burgers on Urbanspoon

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